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Urban.brussels (formerly Brussels Urbanism and Heritage) is an administration of the Brussels Capital Region.

Its main purpose is to support the territorial development of the Brussels Capital Region in a sustainable way, by implementing the regional policy with regard to urbanism, movable and immovable cultural heritage and managing operational programmes for urban revitalization.

Among these fundamental urban development areas, urban.brussels also fulfils administrative tasks with regard to subsidies for renovation and for giving house fronts a facelift, as well as legal advice tasks, notably with regard to the reform of the Brussels Town Planning Code (CoBAT).

In addition to that, urban.brussels plays a central role in raising awareness among the public so as to foster consciousness of the fact that today, we are building the city of tomorrow.

To accomplish this, urban.brussels relies on its broad internal expertise, particularly with regard to architecture, history, documentation and regulations, so as to best meet citizens’ and users’ expectations.

To carry out these tasks, urban.brussels counts on a General Direction and 6 administrative units:

      •  The Urbanism Department

      •  The Cultural Heritage Department

      •  The Urban Renovation Department

      •  The Promotion and Information Department

      •  The Legal Affairs Department

      •  The Staff and Organisation Department.

Urban.brussels also provides the secretariat for 3 bodies: the Royal Monuments and Sites Commission, the Urbanism College and the Environment College.


Mont des Arts 10-13, 1000 Brussels
Phone: +32 (0)2 432 83 00
Email: urbanisme-patrimoine@urban.brussels
Online: www.urban.brussels (FR/NL)

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