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Brussels Regional Public Service

The Brussels Regional Public Service (BRPS) is one of the Brussels institutions through which the Brussels Government pursues its policy.

The Brussels Regional Public Service (BRPS) is one of the Brussels institutions through which the Brussels Government pursues its policy.

Who are we?

Almost 1,600 employees, working in six different administrations, in four different locations, manage a whole range of competences in order to offer Brussels citizens and companies a quality service with an eye to sustainable development and our public service's values.

What do we do? Among other things:

  • promoting economic development and job creation;
  • developing the public space and managing mobility and built heritage facilities;
  • guaranteeing good quality housing for everyone;
  • managing public funds and organizing their monitoring;
  • organising, advising, monitoring and financing the local authorities;
  • providing an effective representation of the BRPS in national, European and international bodies and integrating the role of Brussels as the capital of Europe;
  • coordinating the actions of the administrations and assisting them on the basis of an appropriate human resources policy in an infrastructure of good quality.

For whom do we work?

We carry out our tasks in the interest of all layers of society: citizens, employees, companies, associations and administrations.


The Brussels Regional Public Service consists of six administrations:

Brussels Regional Coordination

This administration brings together all services of general interest of the Brussels Regional Public Service (policy, control, expertise and support) as well as services that have a visible impact on Brussels citizens, companies and partners: Brussels International - the region's international representation; Easybrussels - the Brussels agency for administrative simplification; equal.brussels - equal opportunities in the Brussels-Capital Region; EFRD unit - the European Regional Development Fund. This administration also takes care of recruitment and offers information about job opportunities at the BPRS.

Brussels Economy and Employment

This administration promotes sustainable economic development and job creation in the Brussels-Capital Region. It grants financial support and allowances to self-employed people, SME managers or social economy actors for the development of economic activities. It also offers advice and carries out analyses with regard to food products with the Brussels Centre for Food Expertise BRUCEFO. To conclude, this administration treats all matters with regard to requests for work permits or permits for carrying out specific activities.

Brussels Finances and Budget

Brussels Finances and Budget is responsible for all tasks in connection with the regional budget, accounts and finances, including organising the inspection.

Brussels Housing

Brussels Housing treats all matters with regard to the access to quality housing for everyone living in the Brussels-Capital Region. It does so by granting allowances to private individuals, fighting against unoccupied dwellings, guaranteeing respect for the safety and hygienic standards set by the Brussels Housing Code or by informing the public by means of its Housing Information Centre.

Brussels Mobility

This administration is responsible for equipment, infrastructure and mobility issues in the Brussels-Capital Region. Its primary challenge is to facilitate economic development – and the growing need for mobility solutions – while improving quality of life and sustainable development. The administration also provides real time traffic situation by means of its traffic information service, it offers information about ongoing works and it handles the administrative management and the supervision of the Brussels taxis.

Brussels Local Authorities

Brussels Local Authorities constitutes the liaison body between the BPRS and the various local authorities. This administration organizes, advises, checks and funds local authorities (municipalities, inter-communal associations, CPAS/OCMW...). It's also responsible for organizing the communal elections in the 19 Brussels municipalities.

For more information, please consult our website: http://servicepublic.brussels (FR) or http://overheidsdienst.brussels (NL).


Brussels Regional Public Service
Iris Tower
Place Saint-Lazare 2, 1035 Brussels
Phone: + 32 (0)2 204 21 11 (reception)
Email: info@sprb.brussels

Complaints Service: plaintes@sprb.brussels


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