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The Brussels inter-communal associations

The inter-communal associations in the Brussels-Capital Region provide services in a number of areas, including water, energy, cable TV, education and care of the deceased.
The communes are responsible for a range of services in diverse areas from water, gas and electricity supplies to cable TV and even care for the deceased. To improve efficiency, they form inter-communal associations.

An inter-communal association is made up of two or more communes and possibly other public authorities or private partners, working on the territory of a few communes or the whole Region and beyond.

Inter-communal associations in the Brussels-Capital Region are active in the following sectors:

The Brussels-Capital Region oversees the inter-communal associations (FR/NL) through Brussels Local Authorities, an administration of the Brussels Régional Public Service.

Brussels Local Authorities

On the website over local authorities in Brussels you can find detailed information on the Brussels inter-communal associations (FR/NL).


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