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International Brussels

Brussels, at the heart of Europe, is the seat of European institutions and many international organisations
Brussels plays a major role as Europe’s political hub. This European dimension is mirrored by the international dimension embodied by the presence of international organisations, confirming the Region’s important position in the world.

As the seat of the European institutions as well as many international institutions, both governmental and non-governmental, Brussels has international standing.

As the home to many embassies the Brussels-Capital Region has also earned a reputation as a key diplomatic crossroads, being the world’s second seat of diplomatic representations.
With this in mind, the Region has various official instruments to conduct its external relations.

For more information, see the Brussels representations abroad page in the relevant section on this website.

A large number of inter-branch organisations are also registered in the Region. Brussels hosts a large number of European summits and business conferences.

Bearing in mind these institutions and other international bodies, the Region has welcomed a large number of foreign nationals, perpetuating a long tradition of cosmopolitism.

Europe can also help you setting up a project in the social economy sector through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The ERDF finances various aids and tools within the social economy sector.

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