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Go4Brussels 2030

Putting Brussels on the road to economic, social and environmental transition
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Go4Brussels 2030

The coalition agreement 2019-2024 lays the foundations for a Strategy 2030, building on the Strategy GO4Brussels 2025 (FR/NL), which is based on two pillars with 17 objectives in total:

  • the commitments of the Region
    developing a strategy for enabling a transition of the Brussels economy by 2030, aimed at decarbonising all industries and increasing support to those industries promoting a circular and regenerative economy, social and democratic entrepreneurship and digitisation of the economy (which corresponds, mutatis mutandis, to the first pillar of the Strategy Go4Brussels 2025);
  • the commitments of the Region and the Communities
    focusing the cross-policies on employment and training on qualifications and promoting interrelationships between work and the environment: sustainable construction & renovation, sustainable food, etc. (which corresponds, mutatis mutandis, to the second pillar of the Strategy Go4Brussels 2025).

The Strategy GO4Brussel 2030 adopts a partner-focused approach and vision enabling the integration of the various government initiatives. It offers common tools for steering, monitoring, consultation, communication and evaluation.

For more information, please visit the website go4.brussels (FR/NL).

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