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Regional bodies

The Brussels-Capital Region has created institutions of public benefit and non-profit organisations to put its policies and competences into practice.
The Brussels-Capital Region has created institutions of public benefit and non-profit organisations to put its policies and competences into practice.

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Provision of public services to citizens

  • The SIAMU responds to fires and coordinates emergency medical assistance in the Brussels-Capital Region.
  • Bruxelles-Propreté is responsible for environmental maintenance (keeping the public space clean and tidy), as well as waste collection and management in the Brussels-Capital Region.
  • The STIB is tasked with providing public transport services in and around the Brussels-Capital Region.
  • The SLRB ensures that housing is affordable for persons on low incomes.
  • The Agency for Parking parking.brussels in the Brussels-Capital Region is intended to provide overall coherence to parking policy throughout the region.
  • Brussels Prevention & Security provides for centralised prevention and security policy management in the Brussels-Capital Region.
  • Iriscare is the preferred point of contact for all matters relating to social protection in the Brussels Region.


  • visit.brussels is tasked with promoting the Brussels-Capital Region among tourists and event organisers.

Economy, enterprise and employment

  • Actiris is the regional office tasked with implementing the Brussels-Capital Region’s employment policy.
  • hub.brussels, the Brussels Business Support Agency, helps Brussels businesses and shops to develop, expand abroad, and attract foreign investment in Brussels.
  • The Fonds Bruxellois de Garantie gives guarantees to credit institutions so that SMEs can access credit more easily.
  • finance&invest.brussels provides financial support to help private businesses set up, restructure and expand in the Brussels-Capital Region.
  • Brupartners (FR/NL) is the socioeconomic consultative body of the Brussels-Capital Region.

Research, innovation and ICT

  • Innoviris is the Brussels-Capital Region’s scientific research and innovation institute.
  • Paradigm is responsible for developing new information technologies and computerising the services of the Brussels-Capital Region.
  • Digitalcity (FR/NL) is the professional ICT reference centre of the Brussels-Capital Region. It coordinates and encourages training in ICT.

Energy and environment

Urban development and statistics

  • perspective.brussels is the research centre and initiator of the development strategy of the Brussels-Capital Region. It is responsible for statistics, socio-economic information and planning in the region.
  • citydev.brussels helps businesses find development sites and build housing for private citizens as part of urban renewal projects.
  • The Port of Brussels is responsible for managing, operating and developing the port, the outer port and the port facilities of the Brussels-Capital Region.

Organisation of the Region and its institutions

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