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talent.brussels is a regional public service established in January 2018. Its ambitious objective is to lend its support and expertise to finding joint and shared HR solutions for all Brussels regional public services and public interest bodies.

As part of Strategy 2025 for Brussels and the strategic plan for the regional public service, this objective is driven by the ambition of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region to:

  • make users and the quality of the services provided the core priority;
  • promote the development of the regional staff;
  • guarantee efficient and sustainable operations.

Our vision

talent.brussels combines dynamism and quality in its projects and in the services provided to the regional partners.

talent.brussels is at the service of the other regional public services of the Brussels-Capital Region and represents the Region as a public employer. Like a laboratory, it is an experimental space where practical and balanced tools for the public service are developed and presented for and with you! It is also a crossroads where everyone has the opportunity to exchange views and develop shared practices. 

talent.brussels is at your service as a public regional facilitator!

Our tasks

  • Centralizing and coordinating the selection tests for the Region’s statutory public service reserve list
  • Staff development (end-of-career scheme, intra-regional mobility, certification, career guidance, wellbeing at work)
  • Drawing up a shared taxonomy for the competence profiles
  • Complaints handling
  • Creating a joint training panel for the staff members of the Brussels public entities
  • Strengthening and maintaining low-skill services within the public institutions
  • Coordinating the diversity policy
  • Legal assistance
  • Recognition, certification and formal validation of competences
  • Coordinating the Public Service Employment Observatory at regional level
  • Support with public procurement procedures
  • Implementation of the strategic plan for the public service


Pl. Saint-Lazare 2, 1035 Brussels
Phone: +32 (0)2 435 15 55
Email: info@talent.brussels
Online: www.talent.brussels (FR/NL)


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