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Transparent administration and easily accessible documents for Brussels citizens
Transparent administration and easily accessible documents for Brussels citizens

The joint Decree and Ordinance of 16 May 2019 of the Brussels-Capital Region, the Joint Community Commission and the French Community Commission with regard to the publicity of administration in institutions of the Brussels-Capital Region (FR) aims to increase the transparency of administration by facilitating access to administrative documents and environmental information.

More specifically, this means that the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region is required to publish a number of documents for the general public on its website.

The official website of the Region meets this requirement and allows citizens to consult the following documents via sections of the site or via links to external sites:

The Government of the Brussels-Capital Region is composed of a Minister-President (French-speaking) and four Ministers (two French-speaking and two Dutch-speaking) elected by the Parliament of the Brussels-Capital Region.

In addition, on the proposal of the Government, Parliament elected three regional Secretaries of State, one of whom is Dutch-speaking. The latter are not members of the Government, but attend all or some of its meetings. They are deputies to a member of the government who has defined their functions.

The members of the Government are responsible for matters defined by the regional competences: urban development, planning, urban renewal, housing, public works, transport, economic policy, foreign trade, employment, environmental protection, energy, local authorities, scientific research and international relations.



Inventories of subsidies, studies and public procurement contracts are published in the "Transparency" section of the websites of the administrations and the relevant public interest bodies responsible for implementing Government policy.


Data transparency is a fundamental objective set by the Brussels-Capital Region. However, without the possibility of using and re-using the data by the citizen, this objective was only partially achieved. The Region wanted to respond to this need: from now on, you can visualize, analyse and compare the budgets invested by the Brussels administrations in the context of public contracts and subsidies through the platform Openbudgets.
Please address any questions concerning the transparency of the Brussels administration to the
Commission for Access to Administrative Documents (CADA)
Brussels Regional Public Service
Chancellery Unit
Place Saint-Lazare 2, 1035 Brussels
Phone: +32 (0)800 34 80 / 35 73
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