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Accessibility statement

Accessibility statement

This website has been awarded the AnySurfer mark, the Belgian quality mark for accessible websites. The authors, editors and developers of the Brussels-Capital Region portal are fully committed to maintaining this accessibility. If you do encounter any difficulties, please let us know by filling out the contact form.

Accessibility of the documents to download

Wherever possible, the principal content of this portal is provided in HTML format. However, these pages include links to downloadable files (via the portal or via other websites) containing detailed or additional information.

Most of these are PDF files, but some may be in .doc format (created in Microsoft Office Word) or in .xls format (created in Microsoft Office Excel).

The title of links to files that can be downloaded from this portal also includes information on the file size and format (.pdf, .doc or .xls).
The title of links to files that can be downloaded from other websites does not include information on the file size. We cannot guarantee the accessibility of these external files.

The information below relates to:

  • Accessibility of PDF files that can be downloaded from this portal
  • Use of .doc and .xls file on this portal.

Accessibility of PDF files that can be downloaded from this portal

Official forms for businesses, schools and other organisations

These PDF files are not accessible.
Every HTML page concerned includes contact details (postal address, phone and email).

Information published in Moniteur belge (such as ordinances), unofficial coordination of texts published in Moniteur belge, reports of the Cour des Comptes (court of auditors) and so on.

Generally speaking, the portal refers to HTML pages of legislative websites that also include an option to view the relevant information as a PDF file, which may be more complete (with maps, tables and so on).
These PDF files are not accessible.
If there is no HTML version, the files are available for download from this portal or on the legislative websites.

Maps and plans

These PDF files are not accessible.
However, the same information is available on the online map or in a more concise form on the HTML page.


Some documents, such as brochures and reports published annually or every six months are available on this portal. All documents published in 2011 or later are accessible. The latest version of documents published prior to 2011 will be available wherever possible.

Accessibility of files on this portal in .doc format

This format is used in some fields involving private businesses or public sector agents.

These are primarily official forms (relating to permits to shoot film footage in public spaces in the Brussels-Capital Region) or forms to order publications, which can be filled out using compatible word processing software and sent to the relevant administration by email.
These documents are also available as a standard PDF file, which can be opened and printed. Files that have been completed and signed can be sent to the postal address of the relevant administration or the fax number given on the HTML page in question.

The .doc format is also used for bilingual circulars (French and Dutch) relating to the mobility policy, enabling regional agents to apply for a transfer to another regional institution.
The relevant contact details are available to regional agents on this portal.

.xls files available on this portal

The relevant contact details (at least phone and email) are given on the HTML page in question.

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