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Administration 2.0

In order to reduce further spreading of COVID-19 all citizens are asked to reduce their movements as much as possible, which also applies to visits to public services. 
Most services and governments will stay available online or by phone or email.
A message regarding this topic has already been published in the press and on the regional portal website
Do not hesitate to repost this message on your own media channels (websites, social media, info terminals, etc.). 
Have you decided to let your employees stay at home?
Then have a look at the tools and solutions below, which you can use in this situation




IRISbox, the government’s e-office



BOSBOS for the e-management of meetings. Elected representatives can consult all documents remotely



NovaNova, the platform for the management of urban and environmental procedures




E-Catalogusthe e-catalogue for online IT equipment and services


Communication platforms


EmailThanks to the regional mail and webmail, you can view and manage your emails and calendar at all times, whatever your device or location.

Website : https://webmail.brussels / Usersguide Exchange 2016 (.pdf) (2,17 MB) (FR)



VPNThanks to the VPN service (Virtual Private Network) you can enjoy secured access to your work files at home or remotely, through an internet connection. IRISnet’s bandwidth is stable: the regional network can handle this type of traffic and will not become saturated. 


Office 365Collaboration tools such as O365 and Teams are a remote work support and allow you to stay connected with your colleagues, share documents and organise video conferences (with one or more person).Teams


Ressources (in French) to help you:


WebexCollaboration tools such as Webex, Connect.me and OneNet can be used for phone calls, video conferences, etc. They also guarantee that our citizens can contact their government administration at all timeConnects (for example via a 0800 number with multiple recipients).



Ressources to help you:


BRIC services

Contracts for IT equipment or services are available via the BRIC purchasing center. You'll find a list on the BRIC website.
You can also ask for the advices of our Data Protection Officer, during this period when more people use their internet connections and/or equipment from their home and can jeopardize IT security.


 If you have any questions or requests for information, advice or a technical intervention and if your organisation works together with the BRIC, then please contact your IT Manager. 
 If you do not yet work with the BRIC and want more information about one of these tools or if you wish to start using them in your organisation, then please send an email to customer@cibg.brussels.

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