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Brussels off the beaten track

Welcome to the "Brussels off the beaten track" section of the Brussels-Capital Region portal
Welcome to the "Brussels off the beaten track" section of the Brussels-Capital Region portal.

Native or adopted son or daughter of the city, commuter or tourist: whoever you are, in this section you’ll discover another side to Brussels. Think you know the capital like the back of your hand? You’re in for quite a surprise!

Of course, our selection is entirely subjective.

First of all, it’s not our intention to list every single building or façade of interest, piece of trivia or place with an interesting story connected to it. There are plenty of very good books that do that job, albeit in French:

  • Bruxelles insolite et secret
    Nathalie Capart, Isabelle de Pange & Nicolas van Beek, Editions Jonglez
  • Bruxelles insolite. Trésors cachés et lieux secrets
    Laurence Bragard & Régis Duque, Editions Les beaux jours
  • Les mystères de Bruxelles
    Daniel-Charles Luytens, Noir Dessin Production
  • 400 façades étonnantes à Bruxelles
    Isabelle de Pange & Cécile Schaack, Editions Aparté
  • Promenades insolites dans Bruxelles disparu
    Jacques van Wijnendaele, Editions Racine
  • Brussel gestript. De strip in Brussel, op ontdekking door de stad
    Thibaut Vandorselaer, Lannoo
  • Un an de patrimoine à Bruxelles, 52 lieux incontournables
    Brigitte FERNANDEZ, ODL Editions
  • Magic Brussels, unusual places
    Isabeau PAAPE and Elisabeth HALABI, Renaissance du Livre

You can also download brochures on the websites of the 19 communes detailing various walking and cycling tours that take in parks and gardens, iconic monuments, historical sites and other places of interest.

Brussels off the beaten track

The video shows a view of the section "Brussels off the beaten track":

  • The statue of the soldier pigeon
  • La Pasionaria
  • Madame Chapeau
  • De Vaartkapoen
  • Wall of Brussels first fortification
  • Rue Isabelle
  • A model of the palace of Charles V
  • The clock at Mont des Arts
  • The canopies of Brussels Town Hall
  • The cannonball of Saint-Nicolas Church
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