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Brussels is at the crossroads of the French-speaking, Dutch-speaking and a host of foreign-speaking cultures.
Explore the rich cultural life of Brussels. The Belgian capital is not only a melting pot of French- and Dutch-speaking cultures. The city has also been enriched by a host of foreign cultural influences, which means there is always something to catch your imagination.

Dynamic Brussels!

  • Various cultural calendars are published, ensuring you never need to miss a single cultural event in Brussels.
  • We provide a survey of the main recurring festivals and events here.
  • What could be more Belgian than comic strips? Brussels is the dream destination for all comic strip enthusiasts.
  • The cultural centres in Brussels (French-speaking, Dutch-speaking and other languages) host all sorts of cultural events and workshops for residents and visitors.

Culture in Brussels

Artistic activities

If you prefer more of a hands-on approach, you should check out one of the many music and fine arts academies, creative workshops and cultural associations. We survey the main opportunities here.

Venues for hire in Brussels

The Brussels-Capital Region has a wealth of venues for a great variety of events including conferences, training courses, business meetings, concerts, presentations, staff parties and many others. Some of these venues are managed by local administrations, others by associations or even schools and universities.

The website spots.brussels of visit.brussels, the guide of cultural venues and theatres (FR/NL), provides a comprehensive survey of the Brussels venues.

For Dutch speakers
Cultuurcentrum is an initative of he Flemish Community Commission (VGC). Its website gives an overview of venues for hire in the Dutch community centres in Brussels (NL)

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