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Culture, tourism & leisure

Brussels is always bubbling with energy and excitement. Check out just some of the culture and leisure options the Belgian capital has to offer.
Brussels is always bubbling with energy and excitement. There are always plenty of things to do and see, regardless of whether you are passing through, living or working in the Belgian capital. Check out just some of the culture and leisure options Brussels has to offer.

Brussels – a rich blend of different tastes and cultures

The Brussels-Capital Region is home to 1.1 million people and welcomes an additional 2.7 million visitors every year. The Region’s position at the intersection of the Flemish and French Communities ensures all those people have a huge number of cultural activities to choose from.

Both Communities sponsor a lot of activities in the domains of culture and sport, as well as special offerings for the young and senior citizens. Most cultural and leisure activities are accordingly in French or Dutch. Events are also organised by the the 19 Brussels communes and the international community.

Because of its role as capital of Belgium and administrative heart of the European Union, Brussels is home to numerous national and international media and press agencies. But Brussels also has its own local media network.

Explore Brussels

Brussels is a living organism, with its own folklore and regional dishes. Brussels is home to a lot of historical buildings, activities and events that are definitely worth checking out. Explore Brussels’ architectural pearls, comic strips and themed walks. And if you feel the need for some downtime, visit one of the numerous parks and green spaces in Brussels.

Brussels, the green destination

There are environmental initiatives throughout Brussels as the "Brussels Green" section of the visit.brussels website clearly shows. They include accommodation with the Green Key eco-label, green mobility (great public transport ensures that Brussels is a city that is easy to get around), walks, activities and museums.

Brussels in practice

If you’re looking for the coolest shops, a good restaurant, the perfect night-time venue or a place to sleep after a busy day, check out our guide.

A different perspective on Brussels


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