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LGBT Brussels

Brussels is Belgium’s LGBT capital. All the main hangouts are in the centre of the city. The most popular addresses are listed here.
Brussels is Belgium’s LGBT capital. All the main hangouts are in the centre of the city, just behind the town hall. The Brussels tourist office has devoted several pages on its website to LGBT visitors, including an interactive map.

Rainbow Brussels

Same-sex marriage and adoption are legal in Belgium. That goes some way to explaining why gays and lesbians like living in Brussels. LGBT establishments in the city are easy to find, because they display a rainbow sticker or flag.


The Rainbow House is a café and information centre for questions about sexuality and gender and a favourite hangout for most Brussels LGBT organisations. Tels Quels (FR) also has a café/meeting space and a social service in Brussels.

LGBT festivals & parties

  • Belgian Pride is held in Brussels every May, preceded by a rainbow week or followed by a range of activities and events.
  • Brussels also plays host to several LGBT film festivals.
    The Gay & Lesbian Festival of Belgium (FR/NL) takes place every year in January/February.
    The Massimadi LGBT film festival of African origin takes place in May.
    Pink Screens is held in the autumn.
  • Lesbians also get together (NL) in autumn to celebrate L-week.
  • Sport it up! You can also join a LGBT sports club to meet people like you while staying in trim.
  • In the section 'Gay' of visit.brussels you will find a survey of the LGBT life in Brussels.

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