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The media in Brussels

The media in Brussels

Because of its role as capital of Belgium and administrative heart of the European Union, Brussels is home to numerous national and international media and press agencies.

But Brussels also has its own local media network, on both the French-speaking and the Dutch-speaking sides.

Regional French-speaking press

BX1, Brussels' French-language television station

With its television news programme and its reporting, BX1 (formerly Télé Bruxelles) sees itself first and foremost as a news channel. All areas of the news are covered (politics, business, justice, culture, sport, etc.), always touching upon life in Brussels however.
But BX1 also aims to be a discovery channel, offering a way for new residents to get to know the city, while native residents are also bound to discover some hidden gems.
The website of BX1 (FR) helps you keep abreast of the news throughout the day, bringing you images and interviews even before they are aired on TV. The site also offers the channel's programmes on demand.
Rue Gabrielle Petit 32, 1080 Brussels (Belgium)
Phone: +32 (0)2 421.21.21
Online: www.bx1.be (FR)
Facebook: www.facebook.com/BX1officiel (FR)
Twitter: twitter.com/BX1_actu (FR)

VivaBruxelles, Brussels’ French-speaking radio station

VivaCité, one of the radio stations of the RTBF, stays close to its listeners, offering the lowdown on life in Brussels. VivaBruxelles is the Brussels channel of VivaCité.
Online: www.rtbf.be/vivacite (FR)

This collaboration project offers the best of two media worlds, as the programmes broadcast by VivaBruxelles are filmed in the radio studio and aired on Télé Bruxelles.

BRUZZ, the Dutch-speaking press

BRUZZ (formerly FM Brussel, TV Brussel, Brussel Deze Week, Agenda and brusselnieuws.be) is the media brand of the vzw Vlaams-Brusselse Media. Online, on radio and tv and on print BRUZZ is your reference for Brussels.

BRUZZ is the reference for everything that is happening in Brussels. The baseline ‘You Are the City’ is for everyone who uses the city.

Place Flagey 18, 1050 Brussels
Phone: +32 (0)650 10 65
Online: www.bruzz.be
Facebook: www.facebook.com/BRUZZbe
Twitter: twitter.com/BRUZZbe

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