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Tourism offices

There are a number of different tourism offices in Brussels, each ready to give you an exciting new perspective on the Belgian capital.
Brussels has a great deal to offer in terms of tourism and culture. That's why tourists are served by various organisations, each ready to give you their own exciting perspective on the Belgian capital:


visit.brussels is the Brussels-Capital Region’s tourism promotion and communications agency, committed to the promotion of tourism, culture and events in the Brussels-Capital Region, the creation of experiences that highlight its many assets and the quality of the reception of its visitors, be they leisure and business tourists or international associations.

visit.brussels regularly publishes studies and reports on the touristic and cultural activities of the destination.

Explore Brussels as you wish

The website of visit.brussels allows you to find things to do by type of activity or according to your profile, by location and date.

Attractions and museums in Belgium

The website Tourist attractions and museums in Belgium has numerous suggestions to fill every day of the year with the best that Belgium and Brussels have to offer to individuals and groups.

For Dutch speakers

VISITFLANDERS provides tourism information on Flanders and Brussels.

Muntpunt works to promote Brussels in Flanders. The Muntpunt website publishes a vast amount of information on cultural events in Brussels and the capital’s attractions. There is a free information number too.

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