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An introduction to secondary and further education

In secondary and higher education, students choose a general course orientation.
With sciences, maths, languages or literature to choose from, this is not always an easy decision. However, it’s one that has to be made at the beginning of secondary school. As elsewhere, professional bodies and organisations are ready to help in the Brussels-Capital Region.
The Cité des Métiers in Brussels is a space for advice and information, free of charge, and without appointment, at the service of all audiences (schoolchildren, job seekers, employees, etc.) looking for a job, orientation, information on professions, studies and training, the job market, mobility and entrepreneurship.
Tour Astro
Avenue de l'Astronomie, 14, 1210 Brussels
Online: www.citedesmetiers.brussels

For French speakers

  • The Psycho-Medico-Social (PMS) centres are free-at-source public services that have a high profile in schools. They provide psychological, medical and social support to children throughout their school career. They also provide information and advice to parents and schools.

    The French Community of Belgium’s education portal provides a description of the services of the PMS centres in the French Community (FR) as well as a list of the PMS centres (FR).

  • The CEDIEP is the 'Centre de Documentation et d’Information sur les études et les professions' (Centre for Documentation and Information on Studies and Occupations). The CEDIEP provides unbiased and objective information (all networks) for the whole French Community throughout the year (including July and August).

    For information, contact:

    Avenue d'Hougoumontl, 5, 1180 Brussels
    Phone: +32 (0)2 649 14 18
    Fax: +32 (0)2 649 14 18
    Email: info@cediep.be
    Website: www.cediep.be (FR)

  • The SIEP, Service d’Information sur les Études et les Professions (Information Service on Studies and Occupations), is a non-profit organisation recognised as Youth Organisation and Federation of Information Centres by the French Community Wallonia-Brussels and supported by the Walloon and Brussels Regions. It is a source of information and advice on training and careers for young people. The SIEP hosts an annual Studies and Occupations Fair for young people and parents in the large Belgian cities, including Brussels.

    More information:

    SIEP Antenne de Bruxelles
    Rue de la Poste, 109-111, 1030 Brussels
    Phone: +32 (0)2 640 08 32
    Fax: +32 (0)2 646 80 08
    Email: siep.bxl@siep.be
    Website: www.siep.be (FR)

For Dutch speakers

Plenty of practical information is also available from youth clubs in Brussels. Most of them are listed on our dedicated youth club page in the "Living in Brussels" section.


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