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Living together

Cohabitation, marriage, divorce: living together in Brussels
Cohabitation or marriage, you have taken the decision to live together... through the good as well as the bad. This section provides information on the formalities you have to complete when you live together in the Brussels-Capital Region, including what you have to do when you cohabitate and the various matrimonial property regimes. As well as what you have to do if you separate.

Marriage and cohabitation, as well as separation and divorce, are federal matters. As a consequence, most of the information in this section refers you to

There are more divorces than marriages in the Brussels-Capital Region...

As a result of developments in large agglomerations, family situations and sometimes complicated social relations, there are more divorces than marriages in the Region. There were 5,070 marriages in the Brussels-Capital Region in 2009 (12 % of the total for the whole of Belgium), but 7173 divorces (22 % of the Belgian total).

(Source: Federal Public Service Economy, SMEs, Self-Employed and Energy statistics, July 2010)

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