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Health and safety

Information on health and safety: hospitals, emergencies, care services, palliative care and children’s health.
In case of emergency, call 100 or 112 from anywhere in Belgium.

Your health and safety is a priority for Brussels

The Brussels-Capital Region has an outstanding network of facilities, institutions and associations that have made health their overriding priority. Regardless of whether you are a registered inhabitant, a tourist or a businessperson staying in the city for a short while.

Find the information you need

You are looking for a medical emergency or on-duty service, or you may need to get in touch with your local police You may be looking for information about childcare, palliative care, the address of a hospitalThese pages contain all the details you need about health in the Brussels-Capital Region, as well as useful information about staying safe.

On the website of the Common Community Commission you can find the reception, assistance and health care services in Brussels (FR/NL)

The Brussels-Capital Health and Social Observatory has published a "Health scorecard for the Brussels-Capital Region (FR/NL)" .


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