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Housing in the Brussels-Capital Region
Housing is one of the major priorities of the Brussels-Capital Region

The Brussels-Capital Region and the various parties involved in housing have joined forces to bring together all relevant information and links on housing in the Brussels-Capital Region (FR/NL) at a single dedicated web address.



The Brussels Capital Region sees to it that the housing supply is qualitative.
Bearing in mind the constant rise in rents, it is vital that all Brussels inhabitants have access to good quality housing.

In addition to the laws stipulating the rights and duties of tenants and owners, many measures help ensure that all inhabitants of Brussels are able to live in good conditions. The portal about housing in the Brussels-Capital Region provides information on these laws and measures.

Renting property in the Brussels-Capital Region (FR/NL)

An intergenerational approach to housing

The association 1Toit2âges offers intergenerational housing solutions by matching older people and families with students looking for accommodation.
This approach offers benefits to both parties. The householders or families get some help around the house, companionship and some extra income, while students can find affordable and friendly accommodation.

Offering tourist accommodation in Brussels

Should you wish to provide accommodation in the Brussels Capital Region to people travelling for business or personal reasons, you will need to meet certain conditions.
For more details, see the portal on economy and employment in the Brussels-Capital Region.

Offering tourist accommodation in Brussels


Becoming an owner or selling

If you want to buy or sell property or you have recently been left property, there are a number of things you need to do (including property tax, registration fees, ...) and you may have quite a lot of questions.

The Brussels-Capital Region’s housing website provides information on the various aspects to bear in mind in these cases.

Buying and selling property in the Brussels-Capital Region (FR/NL)


Building and renovating

You may need special permission to build or renovate your home or office in the Brussels-Capital Region. You may be eligible for a grant or financial assistance from the Region.

Building and renovating property in the Brussels Capital Region (FR/NL)

Track your permit application status online

Anyone who has applied for a permit to renovate or build property in the Brussels-Capital Region can check the status of their application online using the web app 'Les permis en ligne' (Permit application online) (FR/NL). Users can also browse information on other permit applications in the Brussels-Capital Region.


Housing grants and allowance

The Brussels-Capital Region awards grants and financial assistance to inhabitants to help finance their home building, renovation and insulation plans. Applications are welcome from owners, tenants and holders of a usufructuary right. An award is subject to a number of conditions, including the type of work envisaged, the location (neighbourhood) and the applicant’s financial situation.

As well as renovation grants, the Brussels-Capital Region offers many types of financial assistance for those who wish to rent or buy a home.

Grants and financial assistance in the Brussels-Capital Region (FR/NL)


Moving home

Advice and information on what to do when you change your address (FR/NL) as well as useful tips when moving (FR/NL) are available at www.belgium.be.


See the 'Housing' (FR/NL) section of www.belgium.be and the website of Belgian notaries for full general information on what you need to do when renting, buying, selling or bequeathing property.


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