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Living in Brussels

Living in Brussels

Choosing where to live is a big decision and there are many things to consider, including the availability, affordability and quality of housing, health and social care services, the environment, the organisation of family life, childcare …

This section covers all of these aspects of daily life for thousands of inhabitants of Brussels and expatriates:

Visit Bruxelles Social en ligne (FR/NL) for full information on the social health sector in the Brussels Region.

French speakers can view in the Guide Social en ligne (FR) the list of the organisations active in various fields of everyday life.

For Dutch speakers de sociale kaart (NL) is an online database about services in the health and welfare sector in Brussels and Flanders.

Easybrussels - administrative simplification in the Brussels-Capital Region

Easybrussels is the agency responsible for administrative simplification in the Brussels-Capital Region. The goal of Easybrussels is to reduce the administrative burden and simplify the procedures for everyone using public services, whether they are citizens or businesses. Administrative simplification therefore makes it possible to achieve increased efficiency and quality in relations between public services and their users and to meet the needs of today’s society.


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