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Energy Premiums become RENOLUTION

RENOLUTION Bonuses: the new merger of Energy and Renovation Bonuses
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Energy Premiums

Are those energy bills taking a sizeable chunk out of your household budget? Would you like to do something about that? The energy subsidies of the Brussels-Capital Region can provide financial relief by allowing you to choose the most efficient techniques and equipment.

RENOLUTION premiums: the new merger of Energy and Renovation Bonuses

Since 2022, the Brussels-Capital Region has simplified the administrative procedure for applying for premiums.
There is now only one merged system under the name RENOLUTION Primes.

A total of 45 RENOLUTION Awards are available for both renovation and energy-saving work.
When you do a renovation, you can submit a single group request for all the RENOLUTION Bonuses to which you are entitled.

For more information, please visit the website Renolution.brussels (FR/NL) .

Information updated on 24 February 2022

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