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Urban development

The development of the territory of the Brussels-Capital Region
Managing the balanced, consistent and sustainable development of the territory of the Brussels-Capital Region

In this section you can find information about the various aspects related to territorial development:

  • planning: drawing up and monitoring development and zoning plans
  • urbanism: providing information and issuing regional building permits, issuing recommendations on communal permits
  • urban renewal: fighting against blots on the landscape, managing revitalisation programmes
  • cultural heritage: conserving and integrating heritage property in daily life
  • large urban projects: establishing large urban renewal projects for the benefit of all inhabitants of Brussels, with due respect for various development focal points.


The website Brusky gives an overview of the Brussels urbanization seen from the sky between 1930 and 2012.

Code Mémoire

Code Mémoire is an artistic project that aims to promote mediation between the public, the intangible heritage and the territory where the project is located, contributing to the integration of culture into the daily life of neighborhoods and cities.

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