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Getting around Brussels

Getting around Brussels
Like most big cities, it is increasingly difficult to travel by car within Brussels. Fortunately, there are many alternatives, including taking public transport, biking and walking – all great ways to explore the city!

The Brussels-Capital Region has a well developed public transport network, with trains, trams, buses and the metro all available, depending on where you want to go. You can also take the bike. If you don’t own one yourself, you can hire one under the Villo! bike share programme, which is expanding all the time. You can now hire and return bikes at 180 stations across the city. Getting around Brussels is safe and convenient after dark too. Thanks to Noctis night buses and Collecto shared taxis you can have a great night out without worrying about how you are going to get back home.

See the following pages for general information on the different ways to get around Brussels. For full details visit mobilite-mobiliteit.brussels/fr/se-deplacer-a-bruxelles (FR/NL).

Let’s go!

  • Public transport, real-time traffic information, maps and more, Bruxelles Mobilité is packed with information on mobility and modes of transport in the Brussels-Capital Region: mobilite-mobiliteit.brussels.
  • The website of Bruxelles Mobilité also provides information about public space development projects (roadworks and squares, construction projects, tunnel and bridge reinforcement works, as well as metro infrastructure projects and more) : mobilite-mobiliteit.brussels/en/projects.


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