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Mobility and transport

Everything you need to know about mobility in Brussels, a priority for citizens, businesses and regional, national & international institutions
Mobility is one of the main challenges facing large urban regions. It is important to maintain good conditions of accessibility and mobility without jeopardising the well-being of inhabitants, facilitate exchanges and the development of transport, while preserving or improving the quality of life of current and future generations.

Brussels is no exception to the rule. Given the growing population, the high concentration of jobs and schools, and the large number of daily commuters, mobility to and within the Brussels-Capital Region is a priority for our leaders. The Government of the Brussels-Capital Region has targeted a 20 % reduction in road traffic by 2018. The intention is not to demonise the car, but to encourage rational vehicle use. The main way to achieve this is by improving public transport services and promoting walking and cycling. The aim is to guarantee citizens improved quality of life in a user-friendly environment.

New cycling and pedestrian infrastructure, the extension of the Villo! network, the development of intermodal transport, from walking, cycling and skating to public transport. Bit by bit behaviour is changing, to everyone’s convenience.

Information in real time

The section about online services provides information in real time with regard to mobilty and public spaces in the Brussels-Capital Region.
Various projects, especially mobility-related infrastructure, have been initiated to improve public spaces in Brussels, including redeveloping squares and roads, reinforcing tunnels, renovating metro stations, introducing bike paths and laying flower beds.The most important of these public space development projects implemented by the Brussels-Capital Region are presented on the website of Bruxelles Mobilité.
Bruxelles Mobilité provides information on all modes of transport and mobility in general.


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