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Online services - Environment


BRUGEL, the Brussels energy regulator

BRUGEL (FR/NL) is the Brussels gas and electricity market regulator.
Its website contains forms helping you choose the right energy source and supplier and providing administrative support:


Sibelga is the only distribution network operator for electricity and natural gas in the 19 communes of the Brussels Capital Region.

On its website you will find forms which will make the management of your energy (meters - connections: opening/closing, works, rates, meter reading, EAN code, history) easier.

Even better: the website of Sibelga allows you to complete some formalities online:

The Energuide application allows you to keep close tabs on your consumption, but also your expenses. You can now follow your energy consumption for electricity, gas, water, fuel oil or even your car.

Classified installations

‘Classified installations’ refers to all activities, equipment or products that may have an impact on the environment and the surrounding communities, and that require an environmental permit.


The website of Bruxelles Environnement shows you how to determine whether land is contaminated and how to prevent and tackle soil pollution.

Noise nuisance

Contact - Information

Info Bruit is the Brussels-Capital portal site on noise.

Measuring noise

The website of Bruxelles Environnement provides an application called WebNoise, a network for measuring ambient noise and railway and aircraft noise, and noise monitoring network.

Making a complaint about noise

Aircraft noise

Complaints about aircraft noise can be made to the Environmental Police subdivision of Bruxelles Environnement (IBGE) by completing an online form.

Rat control


Bruxelles-Propreté - waste collection

Bruxelles-Propreté offers a number of online services with regard to local waste collection service points in the Brussels-Capital Region:

Fix My Street - report a problem on the public road

The Fix My Street application allows to report damage to public roads or the presence of rubbish and illegal dumping in one click (using the website or the mobile app) to the competent Brussels authorities. You can also view all damages on an interactive map.

 Non-compliance with the no-advertising sticker

You can make a complaint if you continue to receive unaddressed advertising in spite of the regional no-advertising sticker (FR/NL) on your letterbox:

Pollution - air quality


The website 'Air quality (FR/NL)'" of Bruxelles Environnement provides continuous information about the air quality in the Brussels-Capital Region.

Low Emission Zone (LEZ)

The term "Low Emission Zone" is used to designate where polluting vehicles are not allowed to drive in a given city, or areas of that city.
The LEZ is in force across the territory of the 19 Brussels communes.

Nature conservation

Animal welfare

If you suspect a case of animal neglect or cruelty in the Brussels-Capital Region, you can make a complaint to Bruxelles Environnement.


At communal level

A form is available on the website of the commune of Schaerbeek to report a problem with the cleanliness of public areas or the maintenance of green spaces, or to submit a request to the municipality.


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