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Housing and urban development

Online services - Housing and urban development

Who to contact?

The Brussels-Capital Region has a number of different bodies and agencies with responsibility for housing.
The contact form on the website logement.brussels tells you who to contact with any questions you may have.

Affordable housing

Some regional bodies, such as citydev.brussels and the Fonds du Logement, provide housing for sale or for rent at affordable prices to people who fulfil certain conditions, especially with regards to income.


Construction and renovation

ecobuild.brussels (a cluster of hub.brussels) brings together companies that are active in the sustainable construction and renovation sector in Brussels.

How much does it cost to rent accommodation in Brussels?

Accommodation for a limited period

The website of Brussels Destination allows people wishing to settle in Brussels for a limited period (for one week to six months) to find appropriate solutions and owners to advertise their property.

Student housing

The website of Br(ik (Brussel&ik) brings together the supply of and demand for student accommodation in Brussels.

Housing for people with disabilities

The AccessHouse website of the Association Nationale pour le Logement des Handicapés (ANLH) contains a disability housing register and allows landlords to register accessible properties.

Home loan calculator

A number of cooperative credit institutions provide a mortgage or home loan calculator on their website to help you make the right choice when buying a house and/or renovating it to improve its energy performance.

Apply for fire prevention advice

Regional development plans – land use

Various regional regulations govern the planning possibilities in the Brussels-Capital Region.

BruGIS® is a tool for managing regional development. This cartographic website provides all the urban planning information available in the Brussels Region.

Urban development

Track the status of your building permit application online

The citizen with a building permit application pending approval for renovation work or a new-build project in the Brussels-Capital Region can track the status of the application the quick and convenient way using the Permits Online service. This online service gives citizens access to all public information on building applications.

Request for information

Vacant dwelling

Moving home - formalities at the commune

In some communes you can use IRISbox to apply for a parking space, submit a change of address and apply for a resident’s parking permit. You will need an eID.


Renovation grant and façade beautification grant

The Brussels-Capital Region awards grants to encourage you to renovate your property and/or to beautify its façade.

Prepare your grant application:


The mission of the Direction du Patrimoine culturel (Directorate of cultural Heritage) is to identify, protect and preserve the Brussels heritage.

Heritage inventories

Heritage lists are drawn up on special themes:

Inventory of built heritage

Inventory of underground archaeological sites

Inventory of natural heritage

Inventory of organs

Inventory of wallpapers

Heritage conservation

You will find on the site of the Direction du Patrimoine culturel information about the procedures relating to heritage (FR/NL) (protection, grants, inventories, ...).

At communal level

The Property Management Agency of the City of Brussels offers properties for rent. To rent a property, you must be registered.


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