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Mobility and public spaces

Online services - Mobility and public spaces
Online services with regard to mobility and getting around in the Brussels-Capital Region

The Bruxelles Mobilité website provides a handy map to help you get around the Brussels-Capital Region.

  • by bike (Villo! stations, bicycle shops, bicycle points and services, cycling routes in the Region
  • by bus, tram or metro (STIB stops)
  • by taxi (Collecto stops and taxi ranks)
  • by car (Cambio stations, public parking facilities, transit parking, speed cameras)

as well as real-time traffic information (cameras, events, road works, traffic density).

Bruxelles Mobilité also offers an open data portal (FR/NL) providing access to information on mobility and public works in Brussels.

Finding your way around

  • You can access a map of Brussels on this website, that you can use to find an address, plan a journey and locate the numerous points of interest in Brussels online.
  • The application UrbIS Online (FR/NL) of the Brussels Regional Informatics Centre (BRIC) is a tool for discovering the UrbIS mapping services.

Traffic - roads - public spaces

A problem on the public road

Fix My Street - report a problem on the public road

The Fix My Street application allows to report damage to public roads or the presence of rubbish and illegal dumping in one click (using the website or the mobile app) to the competent Brussels authorities. You can also view all damages on an interactive map.

Street lighting failure

On the website of Sibelga you can report a street lighting failure and view all street lighting failures on map online.

Public space projects

Getting around Brussels

By taxi

Taxi users in the Brussels-Capital Region can complete a number of formalities on the website of Bruxelles Mobilité:

By bike

street in city centre during a car free sunday

Find your bike

The website velosretrouves.be has a centralized database which allows you to search for your lost or stolen bike.


Lost or stolen bike

The Brussels-Capital Region has developed initiatives to prevent bicycle thefts and allow you to recover your lost or stolen bike.

Bike hire

Villo! is the regional self-service bike rental network.


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