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By car

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parking.brussels is the Agency for Parking in the Brussels-Capital Region.

On the website of handy.brussels you can find an overview by district of park sites in Brussels accessible to persons with reduced mobility.

The ParkingPlus website helps home care workers find a parking space for their home care visits as Brussels residents can allow them to park in front of their garage for the duration of a visit.

Low Emission Zone (LEZ)

The term "Low Emission Zone" is used to designate where polluting vehicles are not allowed to drive in a given city, or areas of that city.
The LEZ is in force across the territory of the 19 Brussels communes.

Driving ban exemption for the car-free day and pollution peaks

Every year, on special occasions (Iris Day, Car Free Sunday, ...) and in the event of pollution peak in the winter, the Region applies partial or total restrictions on motorised traffic in Brussels.

In some cases (for medical or professional reasons or in some circumstances), however, the Brussels communes can grant dispensations to motorists.

Car share



Carpool is an online carpooling platform which centralizes all ads from candidate carpoolers.

Social carpooling

The Centrale des Moins Mobiles (CMM) provides transport solutions for persons with reduced mobility with a low income.

Car sharing

Car sharing: a car when necessary.

Several car sharing platforms cooperate with the Brussels authorities.


Zen Car

The Zen Car platform is only available in Brussels.


Cozycar allows you to share a car with your neighbours.

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