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The property tax has never been so easy with MyTax.brussels

The new online platform for taxpayers in Brussels
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Brussels Regional Public Service Taxation - MyTax

MyTax is the new online platform that allows taxpayers to carry out their tax transactions at any time (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

Thanks to MyTax, the taxpayer of the property tax are able to:
- Connect to the platform directly with their eID or itsme®;
- Manage their profile, language and correspondence address;
- Consult and download all documents related to their property tax;
- Pay online and submit applications for payment facilities;
- View the properties concerned by the property tax on an interactive map;
- Submit online applications and follow them up.
MyTax.brussels, proposed by Brussels Fiscality, is a first step in the digitalisation process of the Brussels tax administration. Because every Brussels citizen counts, even in the digital world.
Discover MyTax on www.mytax.brussels or download the app for Android or iOS.

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