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The many national and international businesses and institutions make the Brussels-Capital Region a great place to work.
The Brussels-Capital Region is a great place to work. The many national and international businesses in the Region attract a lot of workers. Commuters who live elsewhere hold more than half of all jobs in Brussels. Good jobs are also available at the many institutions based in Brussels.

A host of opportunities

If you are looking for work you first have to ask yourself what type of work you are interested in. Most people in Belgium work in the private sector. There are also many opportunities in the public sector. Some people like being self-employed, whereas others prefer temporary work. Every type of work has its own employment conditions.

To work in Belgium, non-European citizens need a work permit (single permit or work permit) to work as employees and a professional card if they want to work as self-employed professionals.

To find work abroad, follow the guide.

Looking for work

Several bodies can help you in your job search in the Brussels-Capital Region.

Actiris is the employment office for the Brussels-Capital Region. The first step is to register as a jobseeker at Actiris.
Actiris International (international placement service) can help you to find out about the professional opportunities abroad which are open to you as a jobseeker in Brussels.

The Missions Locales and 'Werkwinkels' provide help on the job market to people who need it.

The Cité des Métiers in Brussels is a space for advice, information and resources, free of charge, and without appointment, at the service of all audiences (schoolchildren, job seekers, employees, etc.) looking for a job, orientation, information on professions, studies and training, the job market, mobility and entrepreneurship.

Without a job - career breaks

If you find yourself jobless, you have various options to help you on your way to find employment. You may also be able to claim unemployment benefit.

You may sometimes need to take a career break to ensure you maintain a good life-work balance. Various types of leave and time credit allow you to take a break from work.

After having worked all your life you can take a well-earned retirement. We explain how the system works in practice.

Assistance and support

There are several bodies that can answer all your questions with respect to work.


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